Elizabeth Earley


I owe it all to a hula skirt, a story record called Tina the Ballerina, and the movie Annie. I put on the hula skirt whenever company came to our house, professed my undying devotion to becoming Tina (and to marry Night Rider, Elvis Presley, or my first cousin Mark—-eew! Mark, I love you, but not like that). SOMEONE finally put me in dance class (it wasn’t Mom or Dad, but my babysitter)….


Dance: I began studying dance at age 4 eventually taking up classical ballet, lyrical, jazz, tap, modern and dance improvisation. Training programs include Boston Ballet, Washington Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet NYC (Scholarship through Trinette Singleton), The Paul Taylor Studio, STEPS on Broadway (Full Scholarship), The Russian Ballet Theatre of Delaware, Ballet Theatre Pennsylvania, Brandywine Ballet, The Dance Center in West Chester, PA (where I later taught a range of students in various disciplines), Harrisburg Dance Conservatory, and Harrison’s Dance Studios. Early performances spanned from TV episodes of The Al Alberts Showcase to ballet solo variations under the coaching of Lupe Serrano.

Voice: At 14 I trained with Cal Brackin at The Clydn Center in West Chester, PA with whom I studied till beginning college at New York University’s Tisch School of The Arts for Drama.

Once at NYU, I attended at The Collaborative Arts Project of the 21st Century/ “CAP21”. In my junior year I was accepted into NYU’s Transfer Track of The Experimental Theatre Wing (ETW). I spent my last year at NYU within The Classical Studio under Louis Scheeder, Artistic Director, studying Shakespeare. Upon graduation, I trained at Weist-Barron Film and TV School and with Barry Shapiro for On-Camera Commercial work.

In spite of a resume full of dance credits, the bulk of my training goes towards my passion for singing and telling stories through music. I have trained with Carol Ann Page, Andrew Byrne, Peggy Atkinson, Jen Waldman, VP Boyle and Craig Carnelia. The training never ceases and therein lies the joy of being an eternal student!